About us
By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, Reset Systems was incepted in September 2015. Reset Systems is a registered firm based in Hyderabad, which is the capital city of Telangana. We are involved in sale of new and refurbished laptops/desktops. The refurbished laptops/desktops that we sell are all ex-corporate. As per corporate policies and/or servicing agreements, all the major corporate companies replace their laptops/desktops every 3-4 years.  These laptops/desktops are procured by us in bulk/wholesale.  We are currently serving 30+ start-ups in Hyderabad.

What do we do after procuring these laptops?
1.  Any existing data is wiped out.
2.  Operating system is installed.
3.  We have experienced technicians who do extensive 20-point quality check on these machines (please refer to “Buying Help” on the dashboard for a detailed description) to serve a defect-free, high-quality product.
4.  Any existing tags are removed.

What brands do we deal with?
We deal with mainly three brands:  Dell, HP, and Lenovo in the refurbished category. We have chosen these brands because these brands use high quality material and their processors are designed for rough and tough usage, they can run 24/7 without any issues.

What is the difference between “new,” “used” and “refurbished”?

New:  A brand-new, unused item from the manufacturer.

Used:  Used goods are items that are supposed to be known as secondhand or pre-owned goods.  These are products that another person has bought, used, and sold on as is basis.

Refurbished:  Refurbished goods are items that are supposed to be in excellent or good condition. Refurbished laptops/desktops are cleaned/reconditioned and also thoroughly inspected to make sure everything is functioning fine.  If there are any issues, they are rectified before they are sold.

Why choose a refurbished laptop over a new laptop?
Refurbished laptops are 65% cheaper than new laptops.
It is an eco-friendly gesture and will help in reducing toxic e-waste (20 million tons of e-waste are produced every year).

Our tagline “Reach Out. Perform” describes our mission. Our mission is to make the technology reachable to all groups of people through our affordable prices, helping them to perform and succeed.

Affordable and reachable technology to everyone that is eco-friendly.